February 2022 News
Happy February 2022❤️ Greetings Dear Ones in Light and Love, This month, on social media, we will be delving into the beautiful poetry of Kabir. Every other day we will share a beautiful quote and talk a little about them. Yoga Den has always read from Kabir at the beginning of each yoga class and […]
December News
Happy December Yoga Bees!  Here it is, the last month of the year before we start fresh and inspired in 2022!  Am happy we have come this far and we have done it together.  The Yoga Bees community has been a sweet blessing especially through these most challenging of times.  Thanks to all!  It was […]
November News
It’s a new day, new week, new month, new beginning.  Hello November!  The glorious autumn is manifesting all around us and within. This is a great time to embrace and flow with all the changes happening. Introspect, re-evaluate and bravely step into a brighter future. As the days darken and things become colder, we can […]
October News
Congratulations! 1 1/2 years of online yoga classes have been completed!  This adds up to many hours, lessons, challenges, sequences, poses, meditations and effort.  It equals victory. Victory over the circumstances, over physical challenge and, most important, over the mind.  Excellent job dear, sweet friends!  You are all incredible and amazing Yoga Bees, I bow […]
September News
Back to school everyone!  The school energy and the beautiful weather make for one of the most energizing months of the year!  It always feels like the beginning of a brand new year and that sounds like what the world needs, a new start. A couple days from now, our student registration will begin.  It’s […]
August News
Happy August and happy birthday to all of our precious Yoga Bees who have birthdays this month, you know who you are!!!❤️🐝🎂🙏😋 As we enter this month, still in the midst of a global pandemic and severe climate crisis, let us pause and be thankful for the multitude of gifts that have been showered upon […]
July News
July News Happy July Everyone! We are officially half way through 2021. We have so much to be thankful for and I am especially thankful for you. This is my Shiba Inu Yoga Bee. Her name is Leila and she is one of those yogis who doesn’t really like to exercise, but she likes to […]
June News
Here’s the Buzz: Happy June.  Today is the first day of the month and it’s starting off as mystic and miraculous as any of our gifted, Divinely blessed months could, with a bay-Bee!  We welcome to the Yoga Bees Are Beautiful family, Gemma Rose.  She was born today weighing in at 7 lbs and 1 ounce.  She is now […]
May News
It’s May-Yay and Namaste. The first thing that comes to my mind is the famous saying “April showers bring May flowers.” Of course, a saying is only a saying until we see some reflection of it in our own lives. Literally, we have all seen the blessings of rain in our parks, farms, gardens and […]
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