has always loved
photography, drawing,
dance, yoga
and life.
Tahji danced
professionally for 15 years,
traveling around the world,
and has taught yoga and Pilates
for over 25 years.

Tahji's credits include:

  • BFA in dance & choreography from SUNY Purchase
  • 500 hour yoga teaching certification from Dharma Mittra
  • 75 hour Spiritual Warrior certification from Jivamukti
  • Ordainment to instruct meditation practice from Professor Sataji Yogi
Tahji's passion has always been unity and her art form has always been what she calls “Collective Collage” which is the art of presenting a combination of elements to reveal an inherent mystic oneness.

She hopes you love the book (YOGA BEES ARE BEAUTIFUL), and you remember to come back to it again and again so all its love, joy, inspiration and meaning will manifest in your life in a very simple, natural and fun way.

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