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It can seem an illusion that so much beauty can appear so effortless as what Tahji and her team of artists have gifted us in Yoga Bees are Beautiful. The images are inspirational while simultaneously calming. The intensity of accomplishment amazes while the demeanor of cooperative shared effort soothes, speaking to our primal need for community. The gentleness of the hand-drawn images almost trick me into missing the extraordinary detail they include. All together, I'm enveloped by inspiration, joy, peace, comfort, love, optimism and excitement. The impossible becomes possible- yes with great focus and sustained effort, but also with tenderness and clarity. You can open to any page and find serenity, affirmation, guidance and inclusion. Tahji leads us in love, sharing the limitless possibilities of acceptance of self, meditative attention to belief in goodness of others, and practice of communal peace. Yoga Bees are Beautiful is the epitome of the positivity that can be endlessly shared and renewed when we embrace our greatest superpower, pure love.
- Paul White


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