September News
September 1, 2021
Tahji LaComb-Wolpert

Back to school everyone!  The school energy and the beautiful weather make for one of the most energizing months of the year!  It always feels like the beginning of a brand new year and that sounds like what the world needs, a new start.

A couple days from now, our student registration will begin.  It’s a very simple form and everyone who participates in class will need to fill this out. So, start thinking of a new password because your individual, one-time registration will require one! Yeah more passwords!  Let’s get creative!

Our required reading this year will be Yoga Bees Are Beautiful and if you want extra credit, throw in the Bhagavad Gita as well!  You guys have been fantastic on your pre-sale efforts and I sincerely thank you.  Am seeing some nice new T-shirts in class as well.  We’re getting off to a great start.

As for a September challenge, let’s see if we can worry a little less.  Worry is not going to help us with anything and it keeps us from feeling our best.  My beloved teacher Sataji used to say “there’s two things that kill a man - hurry and worry!”  We all worry sometimes, but we have the amazing teachings of yoga to wash that worry away.  We have our beautiful community, family and friends to help us focus on our wonderful fortune.  We have a spiritual inheritance that will carry us through everything.

Have a wonderful month!  Hope to see you in the Zoom room and sweet blessings to everything you touch.  Let’s go with the flow and live joyfully in peace with one another!  ❤️🙏🐝   -Tahji

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