May News
April 30, 2021
Tahji LaComb-Wolpert

It’s May-Yay and Namaste. The first thing that comes to my mind is the famous saying “April showers bring May flowers.” Of course, a saying is only a saying until we see some reflection of it in our own lives. Literally, we have all seen the blessings of rain in our parks, farms, gardens and yards, and that alone is truly enough to make this saying profound. But to reflect and see it manifesting in our own lives take it to the next level. To figure it out we need to consider the symbolism of the rain and flowers in our own life and use it to see more of where we are at in our life. This saying can help motivate, inspire and energize us. Rain and flowers can symbolize an array of things. Rain makes me think of something that comes down on us, something we’re maybe not expecting or ready for, something we have to endure. Flowers symbolize beauty, freshness, fragrance, divinity, abundance, opening to the light and joy.

Briefly, with the planet, we can see the global pandemic as the unexpected rain that we’ve had to persevere through, learn some very hard lessons and watch many loved, treasured people and things in our lives get washed away. And although some parts of the world, especially India right now, are still experiencing violent pandemic monsoons, many parts are starting to see the May flowers of new life, enthusiasm, beauty and joy springing up.

On the personal side of the coin, on April 30, 2021 The Manhattan Athletic Club in NYC closed their doors after 25 years. I worked there for 21 of them. This rain in my life came in the form of the end of something very important to me, discomfort of transition and the tears of saying goodbye. Because flowers require rain, we have to go through these things. Who can control the rain? The flowers symbolize what is going to bloom now, due to the challenging yet nurturing April rains.

Welcome everyone to YOGA BEES ARE BEAUTIFUL. This is our new Virtual Ashram Website where flowers are going to bloom in abundance. We continue with a wonderful schedule of online classes. The Manhattan Athletic Club, Yoga Den and Dharma classes are all included. Everything is free for now until we all get a little bit more back to normal. In September we will introduce an optional donation system. Everyone is welcome. The login is the same as it’s been and if you need it, just email me for it. We also have a beautiful new book coming out called YOGA BEES ARE BEAUTIFUL. Pre-sales will begin in June. May also brings Mother’s Day, Dharma Mittra’s 82nd birthday and lots of Yankee games to look forward to. Most importantly, we have love, compassion and joy being renewed and springing up in our hearts, homes and world.

Please join us for classes if you can, stay in touch, let your light shine and please do everything you can to help others to be happy and free. Thank you to Abby Digital and Julia Valentine for creating this space for us, thanks to you for reading and thanks to the Supreme Light of Love for providing this for us. Sweet blessings to all! -Tahji

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