February 2022 News

Happy February 2022❤️

Greetings Dear Ones in Light and Love,
This month, on social media, we will be delving into the beautiful poetry of Kabir. Every other day we will share a beautiful quote and talk a little about them. Yoga Den has always read from Kabir at the beginning of each yoga class and besides not seeing each other in person, that’s one thing we all miss as we don’t do it in the online classes. These quotes help us to still our minds and go within.

We will also be sharing special exercises for the feet, hips, and spine to help keep us strong and healthy. Like Dharma says, if we want to stay young and healthy, we need to keep moving. We’ll also put out some reels with yoga flows to music and new YouTube videos you can use and share.

Our Valentine’s Day Amazon Merch will be available all month with a beautiful new design from our fellow classmate, Giuliana Cassataro. It’s a heart filled with hearts. Symbolically it says so much. You can easily access the catalog on the homepage of the website or in the Link-In-Bio on Instagram.

So here we are, entering the second month of this precious New Year 2022. I wish you all peace and love in abundance and I look forward to having an amazing month engaging with you physically, mentally, and most importantly, spiritually. Always remember: You are a Yoga Bee and you are Beautiful!❤️🐝🙏😋🙏🐝❤️ -Tahji

December News

Happy December Yoga Bees!  Here it is, the last month of the year before we start fresh and inspired in 2022!  Am happy we have come this far and we have done it together.  The Yoga Bees community has been a sweet blessing especially through these most challenging of times.  Thanks to all!  It was heart-to-heart and soul-to-soul all the way.

So the time has come for me to personally take a rest.  After taking just 6 days off in the last 21 months, I am about to go plunk my yoga-bee-self into an airplane and head to Acapulco for a week at the end of the month.  I telepathically hear you warning me to use sunscreen and I promise I will! Hope you are all planning some rest time as well. Working makes space for human revolution whereas rest makes space for inner revelation.

The Zoom Room online classes will temporarily be suspended from 12/22/21-1/1/22. Our last class of the year will be Tuesday 12/21 at 6:00pm and our first class back will be Sunday 1/2 at 11:00am.  If you want recorded classes, you will have many to chose from in the video section on the website. They will be labeled by day and whether it is yoga or Pilates.  You will also be able to find practices on the new Yoga Bees Are Beautiful YouTube channel which we’ll be extending substantially in the new year.

I will miss you and I will miss Leila and Mufasa.  I will deeply be sending you and your loved ones prayers and contemplating on the best way to proceed come 2022. Please have a wonderful month and know that you did a great job this year! Am counting our blessings and reflecting on everyone’s inner and outer growth.  As Kabir always reminds us, “the joy is in the quest”.  Be well and share the joy!

November News

It’s a new day, new week, new month, new beginning.  Hello November!  The glorious autumn is manifesting all around us and within. This is a great time to embrace and flow with all the changes happening. Introspect, re-evaluate and bravely step into a brighter future. As the days darken and things become colder, we can balance it with shining our inner lights even brighter. This will surely help the bees and the beehive maintain the perfect temperature!

Self-care and selfless service is where it’s at this month!  It’s Thanksgiving. Time to thank and time to give. Time to take care of ourselves better and time to open our hearts to each and every soul sharing this planet with us. Let’s march forward to heal our hearts and help each other. Let’s “bee” thankful.

I am thankful for all of you and I am thankful for life. I am determined to serve in anyway that the community needs my services and talents the most. Please let me know if you want any additions or subtractions to the schedule. Please let me know if you receive the “Yoga Bees Are Beautiful” books you have all been patiently waiting for.  I apologize for the delay but know that everything is perfect just the way it is. So until next month, Bee healthy, Bee happy, Bee thankful!                                   🧡🐝🧡

In sweet remembrance, loving humility and deep gratitude, and love to all,

btw, this is Mufasa. He’s who you are seeing regularly in the Zoom room. His practice is coming along very nicely as well is yours.  Am thankful for our wonderful classes and am extremely thankful for you!!!!! Joy, joy, joy!

October News

Congratulations! 1 1/2 years of online yoga classes have been completed!  This adds up to many hours, lessons, challenges, sequences, poses, meditations and effort.  It equals victory. Victory over the circumstances, over physical challenge and, most important, over the mind.  Excellent job dear, sweet friends!  You are all incredible and amazing Yoga Bees, I bow down and salute you all!🐝❤️👍 Thank you for coming to class, not only for yourselves but for others.  The collective consciousness is a refuge for all.

Moving into October brings new challenges to the beehive and we are going to meet these challenges with the wisdom, strength and intelligence we have gained thus far.  It’s going to get darker, colder and our personal challenges are going to confront us. Here’s some reminders:

  1. Exercise - don’t mindlessly push, instead, consciously stay consistent
  2. Alignment - focus on the way everything connects and stabilizes you on and off the mat
  3. Eat to be your best
  4. Meditate from your heart and do everything with a loving attitude
  5. Stand supreme under all circumstances
  6. Be receptive to help and new possibilities
  7. Refuse to be a victim of negative scenarios
  8. Insist on being compassionate
  9. Go to bed at a decent hour (I won’t name names, but you know who you are)
  10. Stop worrying

Remember, we are doing this together.  The love, support and encouragement are within and without.  Remember too, October is Breast Cancer Awareness month.  It’s an opportunity for us to step up to the plate and let our actions speak loudly and firmly. Let’s put an end to this nightmare and vow to be the generation that cared for one another. Remember: You are a Yoga Bee and you are beautiful.  Our love to all the survivors and victims forever.  I am thankful for all of you and wish you all peace and happiness. Thank you, Mark, for sending in this beautiful picture of you taking class on Zoom with everyone.  I found it very inspiring and encouraging.  Pictures, comments and questions are always welcome!!!  Also, please, feel free to invite friends and family to class.

Bee well🐝🙏💕💕💕💖💕💞💗💓💓💗💞💕💖💞💞💞

- Tahji

September News

Back to school everyone!  The school energy and the beautiful weather make for one of the most energizing months of the year!  It always feels like the beginning of a brand new year and that sounds like what the world needs, a new start.

A couple days from now, our student registration will begin.  It’s a very simple form and everyone who participates in class will need to fill this out. So, start thinking of a new password because your individual, one-time registration will require one! Yeah more passwords!  Let’s get creative!

Our required reading this year will be Yoga Bees Are Beautiful and if you want extra credit, throw in the Bhagavad Gita as well!  You guys have been fantastic on your pre-sale efforts and I sincerely thank you.  Am seeing some nice new T-shirts in class as well.  We’re getting off to a great start.

As for a September challenge, let’s see if we can worry a little less.  Worry is not going to help us with anything and it keeps us from feeling our best.  My beloved teacher Sataji used to say “there’s two things that kill a man - hurry and worry!”  We all worry sometimes, but we have the amazing teachings of yoga to wash that worry away.  We have our beautiful community, family and friends to help us focus on our wonderful fortune.  We have a spiritual inheritance that will carry us through everything.

Have a wonderful month!  Hope to see you in the Zoom room and sweet blessings to everything you touch.  Let’s go with the flow and live joyfully in peace with one another!  ❤️🙏🐝   -Tahji

August News

Happy August and happy birthday to all of our precious Yoga Bees who have birthdays this month, you know who you are!!!❤️🐝🎂🙏😋
As we enter this month, still in the midst of a global pandemic and severe climate crisis, let us pause and be thankful for the multitude of gifts that have been showered upon us and are continuing to be showered upon us ceaselessly.

The last day of July was my dad’s one year passing anniversary.  I was thinking about him, and the many others who have moved on, and how quickly life as we knows it goes by.  This type of mental wondering usually leads us to thinking about what we would still like to do in our lives with the time we have left.  It dawned on me that it is also important to think about what we would NOT like to do in the time we have left.  Examples of what we may not like to do could include wasting time, holding grudges, being upset, harming other beings or maybe something just as simple as eating food that makes us sick. So we now need two bucket lists-what we want to do and what we don’t want to do.  Good luck.  Always make life fun and joyful.  Remember: you are a Yoga Bee and you are Beautiful!

Speaking of fun, joy and bees, the ebook version of YOGA BEES ARE BEAUTIFUL released yesterday.🙏
Also, Abby Digital has been producing some fun stuff like t-shirts, totes and pillows on Amazon with Giuliana Casataro’s original artwork from the book on them.  We have a new website coming out this month as well.  The hardcover copy of the book will be on pre-sale soon.   If you want more information, just ask.

The 2021 Tokyo Olympics have been fun!  Lots of flying yoga poses in these events and lots of examples of dedication, determination, teamwork, focus and fighting our inner demons.  Let’s not take anything or anyone for granted.  Let’s, as the great Masters urge, awake!  Awake, awake, awake!!!  Do not sleep through life, awake.  This is a reminder to not be asleep to what’s inside or outside ourselves, nor to those sweet precious, even mundane, gifts we all receive.  May you all have an inwardly and outwardly bountiful month. May you and all your loved ones be kept safe from harm’s way.  Hope to see you all in the Zoom room, social media, in person and in sweet remembrance!  Bee joy!  Bee happy!  Bee One!       ❤️Tahji

July News

July News

Happy July Everyone! We are officially half way through 2021. We have so much to be thankful for and I am especially thankful for you. This is my Shiba Inu Yoga Bee. Her name is Leila and she is one of those yogis who doesn’t really like to exercise, but she likes to go at her own pace with daily meditation and Friday 6:15 pm Yoga Nidra class on Zoom. You can meditate with her in the “Leila” section of the website. These meditations were filmed in 2020 during a once-in-my-lifetime total shutdown of New York City. It may remind you of the quiet, reflective time you had during the Covid-19 pandemic. Sending love and prayers to all who suffered and/or are still suffering from this situation.

We celebrate independence this month. Every living being longs to be free, independent and happy. Even Leila here. There’s inner and outer independence. The latter is more important but both should be strived for constantly. Let’s focus this month on doing what we can to give others their freedom and space and take sometime, maybe on the yoga mat or in meditation, to continue to shed that which makes us not feel independent, happy or free. It could be something very simple like just breathing deeper or refusing to entertain thoughts that seem binding, restrictive or against your will.

So, happy, happy everything. You are most loved and we hope you have an amazing month. Kirpal Singh advises us to “Do good, Be good and Be One”. If we practice this motto, independence will surely follow and become a part of our most valued treasures.

Om Shanti, Guru Dev,


June News

Here’s the Buzz:

Happy June.  Today is the first day of the month and it’s starting off as mystic and miraculous as any of our gifted, Divinely blessed months could, with a bay-Bee!  We welcome to the Yoga Bees Are Beautiful family, Gemma Rose.  She was born today weighing in at 7 lbs and 1 ounce.  She is now our 4th granddaughter.  Congratulations Natalie and Luigi!

Before whipping off any Sun Salutations, she will need to start with many months of Yoga Nidra and a vegetarian diet.  After that, she can join Poppy, Lumi and her three sisters Annabelle, Serena and Luna in a more serious yogic practice of tumbles and animal poses.

Let’s take this month, everyone, to have fun, reflect, rejoice and keep the buzzing going in each and every heart.  Let’s remember the preciousness of our lives and the lives of all living beings.

Let’s be thankful for each other and work hard to stay committed to our highest goals!

Happy June,


May News

It’s May-Yay and Namaste. The first thing that comes to my mind is the famous saying “April showers bring May flowers.” Of course, a saying is only a saying until we see some reflection of it in our own lives. Literally, we have all seen the blessings of rain in our parks, farms, gardens and yards, and that alone is truly enough to make this saying profound. But to reflect and see it manifesting in our own lives take it to the next level. To figure it out we need to consider the symbolism of the rain and flowers in our own life and use it to see more of where we are at in our life. This saying can help motivate, inspire and energize us. Rain and flowers can symbolize an array of things. Rain makes me think of something that comes down on us, something we’re maybe not expecting or ready for, something we have to endure. Flowers symbolize beauty, freshness, fragrance, divinity, abundance, opening to the light and joy.

Briefly, with the planet, we can see the global pandemic as the unexpected rain that we’ve had to persevere through, learn some very hard lessons and watch many loved, treasured people and things in our lives get washed away. And although some parts of the world, especially India right now, are still experiencing violent pandemic monsoons, many parts are starting to see the May flowers of new life, enthusiasm, beauty and joy springing up.

On the personal side of the coin, on April 30, 2021 The Manhattan Athletic Club in NYC closed their doors after 25 years. I worked there for 21 of them. This rain in my life came in the form of the end of something very important to me, discomfort of transition and the tears of saying goodbye. Because flowers require rain, we have to go through these things. Who can control the rain? The flowers symbolize what is going to bloom now, due to the challenging yet nurturing April rains.

Welcome everyone to YOGA BEES ARE BEAUTIFUL. This is our new Virtual Ashram Website where flowers are going to bloom in abundance. We continue with a wonderful schedule of online classes. The Manhattan Athletic Club, Yoga Den and Dharma classes are all included. Everything is free for now until we all get a little bit more back to normal. In September we will introduce an optional donation system. Everyone is welcome. The login is the same as it’s been and if you need it, just email me for it. We also have a beautiful new book coming out called YOGA BEES ARE BEAUTIFUL. Pre-sales will begin in June. May also brings Mother’s Day, Dharma Mittra’s 82nd birthday and lots of Yankee games to look forward to. Most importantly, we have love, compassion and joy being renewed and springing up in our hearts, homes and world.

Please join us for classes if you can, stay in touch, let your light shine and please do everything you can to help others to be happy and free. Thank you to Abby Digital and Julia Valentine for creating this space for us, thanks to you for reading and thanks to the Supreme Light of Love for providing this for us. Sweet blessings to all! -Tahji