"The Soul is the Bee

The Teacher is the Queen Bee

The Beehive is the Community (Sangat)

The Seat of Meditation is the Flower

The Buzz is the Eternal Om (Sound Current)

The Sun is the Light of Divinity

The Honey is the Yoga

Om Shanti Shanti Shanti"

About the Author

Tahji (Beth) LaComb-Wolpert has always loved photography, drawing, dance, yoga and life. She danced professionally for 15 years, traveling around the world, and has taught yoga and Pilates for over 25 years.

Her credits include a BFA in dance & choreography from SUNY at Purchase, a 500 hour yoga teaching certification from Dharma Mittra, a 75 hour Spiritual Warrior certification from Jivamukti and an ordainment to instruct meditation practice from Professor Sataji Yogi.

Her passion has always been unity and her art form has always been what she calls “Collective Collage” which is the art of presenting a combination of elements to reveal an inherent mystic oneness. She hopes you love the book, and you remember to come back to it again and again so all its love, joy, inspiration and meaning will manifest in your life in a very simple, natural and fun way.

About the Photographer

Eduardo Patino has been one of the leading Performing Arts Photographers over the past 20 years. He has built his reputation on an extraordinary understanding of the human figure, whether it is for portraiture, advertising or photographing the arts.

Understanding athleticism, having been a former High School Quarterback turned dancer; his images communicate a strong sense of timing, line, movement, mood and lighting. His intrinsic knowledge for how the body moves allows him to capture the exact peak of movement or moment, whether for a full body view or a dynamic portrait.

Eduardo Patino on the web
About the Illustrator

Giuliana Cassataro was born with a strong need for creativity and has always been drawn to the arts in all forms. She started drawing from the time she could hold a pencil and it has been a consistent form of creative expression ever since. She studied fashion and illustration at The Fashion Institute of Technology in NYC and has worked in the fashion industry.

She was led to the Yoga Den in 1999 where she met Tahji and Sataji and fell in love with yoga. Under Sataji’s loving guidance she went onto complete her yoga teacher training at the Sivananda Yoga Vedanta Center and her Yoga of the Heart training with Nischala Joy Devi. Yoga, meditation and the arts have been central to Giuliana’s health, healing and happiness.

She is currently working on different creative projects, including writing and illustrating children’s books.

Giuliana on Instagram
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