February 2022 News

Happy February 2022❤️

Greetings Dear Ones in Light and Love,
This month, on social media, we will be delving into the beautiful poetry of Kabir. Every other day we will share a beautiful quote and talk a little about them. Yoga Den has always read from Kabir at the beginning of each yoga class and besides not seeing each other in person, that’s one thing we all miss as we don’t do it in the online classes. These quotes help us to still our minds and go within.

We will also be sharing special exercises for the feet, hips, and spine to help keep us strong and healthy. Like Dharma says, if we want to stay young and healthy, we need to keep moving. We’ll also put out some reels with yoga flows to music and new YouTube videos you can use and share.

Our Valentine’s Day Amazon Merch will be available all month with a beautiful new design from our fellow classmate, Giuliana Cassataro. It’s a heart filled with hearts. Symbolically it says so much. You can easily access the catalog on the homepage of the website or in the Link-In-Bio on Instagram.

So here we are, entering the second month of this precious New Year 2022. I wish you all peace and love in abundance and I look forward to having an amazing month engaging with you physically, mentally, and most importantly, spiritually. Always remember: You are a Yoga Bee and you are Beautiful!❤️🐝🙏😋🙏🐝❤️ -Tahji

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