Recovery with Patience, Yoga and PT

Article about Tahji (Beth) LaComb-Wolpert and recovery from injury at Landmark West!

Recovery with Patience, Yoga and PT

NBC-TV Bloom interview

Interview with Tahji (Beth) LaComb-Wolpert about Yoga Bees Are Beautiful on NBC-TVs BLOOM program.

NBC-TV Daytime

Yoga Bees Are Beautiful classes, clothes and gifts featured in a segment on NBC-TVs DAYTIME.

Presentation at The Cornell Club

Radiant Health presentation by Tahji

Radiant Health Lecture from Yoga Bees Are Beautiful on Vimeo.

ABC-TV Good Day Pennsylvania

Yoga Bees Are Beautiful merchandise featured on The segment on ABC-TVs Good Day Pennsylvania.

WHCR Interview

WHCR 90.3 FM The Voice Of Harlem

The "What's In Your Hand" motivational talk show with host Rick Young

1 hour interview with Tahji

July 4th Fireworks Alternative

Ducks on a Rock

Today is Different

Erasing Ruffles