August News
August 1, 2021
Tahji LaComb-Wolpert

Happy August and happy birthday to all of our precious Yoga Bees who have birthdays this month, you know who you are!!!❤️🐝🎂🙏😋
As we enter this month, still in the midst of a global pandemic and severe climate crisis, let us pause and be thankful for the multitude of gifts that have been showered upon us and are continuing to be showered upon us ceaselessly.

The last day of July was my dad’s one year passing anniversary.  I was thinking about him, and the many others who have moved on, and how quickly life as we knows it goes by.  This type of mental wondering usually leads us to thinking about what we would still like to do in our lives with the time we have left.  It dawned on me that it is also important to think about what we would NOT like to do in the time we have left.  Examples of what we may not like to do could include wasting time, holding grudges, being upset, harming other beings or maybe something just as simple as eating food that makes us sick. So we now need two bucket lists-what we want to do and what we don’t want to do.  Good luck.  Always make life fun and joyful.  Remember: you are a Yoga Bee and you are Beautiful!

Speaking of fun, joy and bees, the ebook version of YOGA BEES ARE BEAUTIFUL released yesterday.🙏
Also, Abby Digital has been producing some fun stuff like t-shirts, totes and pillows on Amazon with Giuliana Casataro’s original artwork from the book on them.  We have a new website coming out this month as well.  The hardcover copy of the book will be on pre-sale soon.   If you want more information, just ask.

The 2021 Tokyo Olympics have been fun!  Lots of flying yoga poses in these events and lots of examples of dedication, determination, teamwork, focus and fighting our inner demons.  Let’s not take anything or anyone for granted.  Let’s, as the great Masters urge, awake!  Awake, awake, awake!!!  Do not sleep through life, awake.  This is a reminder to not be asleep to what’s inside or outside ourselves, nor to those sweet precious, even mundane, gifts we all receive.  May you all have an inwardly and outwardly bountiful month. May you and all your loved ones be kept safe from harm’s way.  Hope to see you all in the Zoom room, social media, in person and in sweet remembrance!  Bee joy!  Bee happy!  Bee One!       ❤️Tahji

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